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Thought I'd post here because you guys would have the most experience with it.

I was using the authenticator on my iPhone 4 for my account and all was going fine.

Then I got my 4S and am using that, so I wiped my 4.

Now the authenticator code doesn't work. I don't have the restore codes from my 4 to 'restore' the authenticator on the 4S.

Looking at some FAQs it seems I should have logged into Battle.Net and 'unlinked' the 4 authenticator then added the 4S, but I didn't do this.

Is there any way to fix this easily?
Well now that you know you need to log in and de-link the old authenticator (so there's none) then add the new 4S one you shouldn't have a problem :P
You need to log in and delink but if you get caught in authenticate limbo all you need to do is email them and they will ask for some things like cd key codes for like 2 bliss games plus info of the account. I got caught when i wiped my old iPod and it was relatively easy assuming you kept your old boxes and didn't make the account under the name "Penis McCuntballs".
Hahhaa ok, hopefully it's that easy.

Yeah I can't log in to de-link it as I need to enter the authentication code which doesn't work :P

Any chance you've still got that email address? I could only find a phone number >_>
I'm also using the auth but I have yet to switch phones. I remember it said specifically not to forget to switch the pointer from phones when changing phones. I wrote down the restore key as well just in case and it's posted on my desk. Kind of worried that I'll be locked out at some point though honestly.
Luckily i'm not playing WoW or anything like that.

The only reason I tried to log in is because I got a D3 beta key invite thing.. which i'm not even sure is legit :P
I emailed the address above and the lovely Natasha with her broken english replied from the email address 월드 오브 워크래프트 <> asking for details.

I sent them through ~2 hrs ago but didn't hear anything back.

I chanced it and tried to log into and it worked, they had taken off the authenticator :D

New one is now on, D3 Beta is real, hail to the king baby!
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