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New members please make a thread and say hi! We're not evil or anything, promise.
Well Hey guys, my name is Ben.
I guess there isn't that much special about me, but I'll the stuff I know the most about.

I'm 16, I play a few sports, so I don't become fat and my parents don't complain to me that much about my large amount of time spent gaming, which puts me in a position where I get annoyed very little. Perfect. ;)

I have played a lot of games in the time I've had my own computer (the most recent of which Ayre helped me build). Last Year I played 400 hours of Modern Warfare 2, and 1'600 hours of World of Warcraft. This might seem a bit much, but it was an average of 4.5 hours a day. I got 4 characters to level 80 before cataclysm, then when it did come out I got my main to 85, realm changed and got another character up from 1 to 85 in about 3 weeks. I love playing Diablo 2, and can't wait till the third comes out next year.

I joined Twelve for the hope I could get into the guild and start my raiding up again, because I thought that was the best thing about the whole game. But that's pretty much everything there is to know about me, plus the fact I'm funny and awesome. I am a modest person, It;s just I use positive reinforcement to keep myself cool. :)
Welcome friend. Have a look around the forums and post in any threads you find interesting.

We're always keen for new members and will be happy to have you around for some Diablo 3 action
It's true guy, education is very important in today's society. Unless you like rats tails, teen pregnancy, welfare and finally an early death being remembered for nothing. Study hard, enjoy your games, and welcome to the Twelve forums.

I think you should draw us an MSpaint picture of you doing whatever it is that you love best =D
In complete honesty - would you let a bunch of 20 people you have NEVER (personally) met before colour you in red and green paint/dye/whatever and write profane things all over your current clothing just so you could be their mascot, for no money? (Don't just say yes because you think you're awesome or whatever, genuinely consider the question and answer thoughtfully).

After carefully constructing an answer, inspect the following image and then see if Twelve is still for you.

Click me after constructing your answer - no cheating!

Otherwise, HAY FNG!
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