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Grand Theft Auto V

Now on PS4!

I'm enjoying the shit out of this game. So much shit to do, so many places to explore.

Willy you have some anger issues if you smashed your controller over a game haha
Haha Willy. I nearly lost my shit in the same street race. I swear to god it's programmed to turn the car exactly 180 deg as soon as you so much as bump a curb.
After my first meeting with him, where you see him chopping that guys g/f in the kitchen. As soon as I got control of him and she was crying over the other guy, I beat her to death. I figured it's what he would have wanted.
I have since been making cash by staking out ATMs and mugging the public once they've visited.

I then invest my money into Franklins car. He destroys street races now so my controllers 3 remaining) can rest easy. As a side note I had no idea how flimsy they are.

I'm still not convinced this game is as epic as it should be. Im playing it more just because I know I'm meant to be loving it.

I'll focus more on storyline progression this weekend. I'm only just up to meeting the third dude.
This is coming out for PS4 and XBONE 18/11/14 (just under 2 weeks) and as someone who hasn't played it before I'm pretty bloody excited.

Along with apparently a shit load of tweaks, It's going to include the ability to switch to first person camera mode.

The blokes over at IGN were pretty much jizzing their pants over this, I must say it looks pretty swanky.

And a bunch of super sexy screenshots:
Preordered, pretty keen for this!

Bought it digital with $60 worth of PSN vouchers from Amazon, on my US account. Much better than the $99.99 price tag on the AU store, even cheaper than buying a physical copy at JB.

Now to download 40 gigs ^_^
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