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I've had a wax as a favour to a friend who was a waxer... Not cool. Hurt like fuck for the most part. I just shave. It's not hard, just annoying, but better than having the amazon running riot. I've been deforested for quite a while and don't think I'd go back. Yeah it can itch sometimes and you get the odd ingrown hair, but it's less hassle in the long run.

Besides, if you want your lady to do it, you gotsta do the same(you don't have to, but you don't deserve a top hat if you don't).
Docilus » Tue Mar 03, 2009 wrote:
Edit: semi-related note; I wanted to remove the hairs from between my legs so I bought some Veet (hair removal cream). I tested it on the inside of my elbow first and allowed for 24 hours to make sure I wasnt going to react badly to the stuff. Sitting on the very edge of the bath, I applied it to my inner thigh/leg join area, waited the prescribed 4 mins and washed it off. I was happy with the results, but then I noticed I had missed a patch. So I re-applied some of the cream on the area and restarted the stopwatch, only to be instantly hit with a FUCKING BURNING THE FUCK OFF sensation. I spent the next 30 mins rinsing myself with cold water and praying I hadnt disfigured myself. Fuck I was scared, really scared that I'd done serious damage. Walking around bow-legged for days after. Yes I had read the entire label including the bit that says to wait 72 hours before applying on the same area, and yes I forgot about that bit...

Aside from fucking it up, the results were pretty much what I was after. Smooth as a baby's for several weeks.

I have eczema, so I shower twice a day. I use lanolin free everything; soaps, body washes, shampoos. I also use an eczema soap, and a heavy duty orange pumice cleaner for those oil stains that just won't come off with normal soap.
I like to have my face clean shaven, and I shave my own head hair down to a number 2, letting it grow out to a 4 before I cut it back again.
Oh, and I have a hairy back.

Also, more Tristen gold:
Fork wrote:
While playing AoC one day (with 3 randoms we were doing an instance with in the channel mind you) Tristen was telling us how he used Veet to get all squeaky and smooth down there. He said it was fine but just don't let any of it in your asshole cause then it fucking burns! ..apparently.
I much prefer guys who are trimmed/no hair down there.

I don't know about you but I'm not crazy about having a loose pubic hair in my mouth.
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Face: Electric shaver 9mm sideburns, 6mm goatee, 3mm everywhere else
Mo: Trim with scissors regularly
Downstairs: Trim with scissors so it doesn't look like a forestfire hit it
Only when drunk: Shave ballsack

Fuck everything else.
Cakes wrote:
I'm curious why my body hair is 5 different colours.

Don't worry cakes... I've got a mate that goes from blonde hair to red beard to the BLACKEST HAIREST belly of all time.… Many a time I've seen him lift his shirt in the middle of a club and rub his belly... girls love to feel his silky smooth belly fur.

I have waxed/do wax my chest/shoulders/back.… If you think it hurts you're a fucking pussy, it's like taking a bandaid off of your leg..
The only unwanted part was the first time I had it done, my chest looked like I had fucking leprosy... apparently that happens to people with sensitive skin? So I'd always do a little practice patch before doing anywhere else OR your girlfriend may look at you like a fucking spastic for a month.
I've got three colours: Brown hair, ranga beard and black everywhere else. What are your colours Cakes?
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