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If you want to upgrade your computer because its too slow and you want to play the upcoming Call of Hello Kitty Island Adventure 2: Modern Hentai, then first click here for regularly updated hardware suggestions for different price and function requirements in pc hardware.

After you've figured out your price range and looked at the parts lists, make up a spec list and post it so we can appraise it. At least go to google and look some shit up before just coming and asking us about getting some more megahurtz for your gui interface.

Also useful for pricing components is is a good site to figure out the cheapest price for your parts, but keep in mind they are rather cutthroat and dont give a single fuck about customer service. You buy there because its the cheapest and you know how to assemble and troubleshoot your PC.

Crysto seems to be a fan of amazon too, so check that lot out as well.
I personally like dealing with, - Brisbane Store - I have bought my last 3 pc's from these guys. - Melbourne Store - Lots of shit with great prices - Melbourne Store - Never dealt with these guys, but they have a large range of items at good prices.

Azmodia go me on to - - Sydney - Quite Expensive, but if your after a particular item, these guys should have it in stock.
As I can't pick up from Melbourne I basically use PCCaseGear as a reference site and somewhere for others to price match from, as they typically have loads of stock. Make an account and give them your address, you can typically find out whether they can ship an item to you or not on the product's page. Otherwise, add it to cart, and go as far as nearly paying for it to find the exact shipping amount (yes this is a bit of a hassle for such a large site.) Don't order over ~$1000AUD worth of stuff in the one batch, or you get hit with basically GST. Copypasta the item page url into for price history, and typically only buy when the stock is listed as coming from Amazon themselves, rather than one of their 'merchants' (just other retailers operating through Amazon).

ARC Computers Local store for me, based in Chatswood in Sydney. They price match the likes of PCCaseGear/MSY and so far have had nothing but good experiences with them. Typically will need to order the parts into the store when you know what you're after, and will take a few days to bring it in.

Also, Google Shopping is a decent means of checking pricing of any decent sized retailer.
Not entirely related to the thread, but LOOK WHAT I DID.


I put all those bits in my computer!

Okay so that's not actually a very interesting achievement, but the fact is that I really have only a layman's understanding of how computer-inside-bits work, and was performing this operation with no instructions or guidance of any kind (Alfie helped me later on by explaining how to partition the hard drives). Now okay, it took me about 10 hours, and at least three of those were spent trying to figure out why it wouldn't boot, but the situation was compounded to begin with by the following problems:

1. Video card wouldn't fit into the case on account of being HUGE. This necessitated removing the drive bay and installing it higher up in the case.
2. Drive bay wouldn't come out because the motherboard was in the way. This necessitated removing the motherboard.
3. RAM was a different 'height' to the other RAM. This wasn't actually a problem but it meant that I spent about an hour fiddling with it trying to figure out if it was actually 'in' properly.
4. I plugged my power supply into my power supply. No excuse for that, I just didn't know what any of the cords were.

When I was finished I felt like some sort of idiot savant. I was skeptical about how well it would hold together, but I've had absolutely zero problems with it over the past ~2 months, and can happily run Skyrim on full ultra.

I basically feel like I invented the PC.
Well done, it's always satisfying building a new computer.

My only criticism is your cable management. The way the cables are now is reducing the airflow around your video card which will increase the temperature it runs at. Most cases these days allow you to thread your cables through the side of the case your motherboard is attached to.
Well, that was the 'before' picture...I didn't take an 'after' picture because I was tired and angry. At the moment the cables are just sort of shoved to the side. It went okay...
My motherboard died tonight :( Ideally I'd like to just replace the motherboard but can't find the same one. Was a gigabyte GA-EP45-DS4. This would save me some money for now as I have to get some MRI scans and specialist appointments.

Need to replace it with a new i7 system. What chip and board combo would you recommend.
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