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The main reason I've rolled on oceanic servers for the passed 4 years was due to me working a crazy night shift at my job. Being on the morning shift for the last 2 months has really taken its toll on me; getting 2.5 hours of sleep on raid nights is really started to have a negative effect on my job performance. I was going to continue depriving myself of sleep because I felt I had an important role and didn't want to let the guild down, but obviously according to rem this is no longer the case.

I might return to raiding when I go back to working the night shift (which is hopefully never.)

Wish you all the best of luck and to continue smashing bosses with the memory of my penis.
Pfft, Stackee quit raiding before it was cool.

GL with RL Mr Pop, don't be a stranger now!
Good decision pop, once wow starts to affect your job, its time to quit raiding.

Hope to still see you around on the forums.

Good call on quitting to help out your RL situation. Don't be a stranger now!
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