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Hey guys,

Looking at doing Firelands alt runs on fridays / weekends.
Have done them the past few weeks, looking for some more guild interest to eliminate pug badness.

Anyway post interest / alt names / classes / gear.

- Texy
Vish wrote:
Mage coz my other toons all suck a dick when it comes to pve gear.

You're also a massive shitcunt l0l
if you want to do sunday afternoons. maybe midday or 1 till 4 id be interested. And since i am now the guilds OT on my warrior i can bring my DK and be a fucking Boss.

If you want me, get someone to txt me. Jin, Rem and Skillz have my number.
Sign me up tex. The guild I was doing 10 man firelands with have decided to take there own members freeing me up. I have a item level of 370 in holy gear now. 9pm Saturday night is a good time for me I'll be on half an hour early. :)
sounding good guys, I may be a little late tonight.. running a few errands for a mate, feel free to form without me I shoulden't be tooooo long hopefully.…. :S

EDIT: mate is only just ready for help, may be a little later than I had hoped =/ expecting the latest i'll be is 10 - 10:30
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