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So Hunter X Hunter is getting a new anime this Fall (October), but details of what the anime actually covers has not been revealed yet (got to wait for more information in the future Weekly Shounen jUMP issues). It could be like what happened with Fullmetal Alchemist (with the Brotherhood reboot) or what is currently happening with Berserk (a series of films will be adapting the entire manga - 3 films will adapt the "Golden Age" arc). Hunter X Hunter could get an entire anime reboot, or it could just be adapting the manga material that hasn't been adapted into anime yet.

Well whatever it is, I'm interested in it and I do plan to read the manga at some time. I hear Hunter X Hunter is one of those few shounen series that actually lives up to it's hype (is that true?).

And yeah the Hunter X Hunter manga is returning to Weekly Shounen JUMP after the next issue (will appear in the 8th August issue?).

I have no idea what Hunter X Hunter is about apart from the fact that the main character is called Gon.

Anyway I'm not entirely familiar with Togashi Yoshihiro's writing (for shounen) but I did watch the Level E anime that aired this year, which adapted Togashi's science fiction Level E manga. And man was it great (how hilarious and enjoyable it was), one of my favourite anime series for 2011- I loved the ending and I was dying to (well not really dying) see a science fiction anime (you don't get much these days with the stories now focused on fantasy worlds and slice-of-life scenarios). Also now looking at the final chapter title for the manga for Level E, I wonder if that was also adapted into the anime O.o.

Anyway, Togashi is really fortunate to have such special privilege's in the most competitive manga magazine that is Weekly Shounen JUMP, but than again Hunter X Hunter is such a massive title (if you look at sales per volume, Hunter X Hunter should actually be in the top 3 JUMP Shounen titles with One Piece and Naruto, rather than Bleach - Bleach should actually be #4). I guess it also doesn't hurt being married to the author of Sailor Moon. Anyway even with him set for life, I hope Togashi doesn't take as many breaks from now on; releasing 12-20 chapters when he comes back and than taking a year off must be painful for his fans who follow the story.

But wow, the manga in WSJ sure have been successful, with this anime series by Hunter X Hunter, that makes 10 WSJ series that have or are going to have ongoing anime:

- One Piece
- Naruto
- Bleach
- Gintama
- Beelzebub
- SKET Dance
- Toriko
- Nurarihyon no Mago (second season will continue through Fall and end in December)
- Hunter X Hunter (anime starts October 2011)
- Bakuman (second season starts in October 2011)

And there are rumours that Gainax will adapt the Medaka Box manga into an anime for Spring 2012 (nothing official yet, but Gainax would be perfect for adapting Medaka Box - my favourite shounen villains are in this series and one of the villains is pretty much what Shinji Ikari would have been like if he were a villain - well I think so anyway). I hope Medaka Box gets an anime adaptation, it is one of my 3 favourite manga in WSJ (the other two being Bakuman and One Piece). It's a NisiOisiN work (Bakemonogatari, Katanagatari), so there is potential that it will get an anime.

Anyway this post totally ended up derailing from Hunter X Hunter, but I'm looking forward to reading the manga =D. I'll try to post my impressions of it when I read it.
I have seen all 4 seasons of Hunter x Hunter.

It is an extremely good shounen, I would personally rank it highly amongst other heavy-hitters such as Yu Yu Hakusho and Dragon Ball Z.

The Reiatsu/Chakra/Ki/Haku equivalent in Hunter x Hunter is called "Nen".
So the new Hunter X Hunter anime is going to be a reboot like what happened with Fullmetal Alchemist:

The upcoming television anime adaptation of the Hunter X Hunter manga will have a new staff and cast compared to the 1999-2001 television anime, and it will retell the story from the manga from the beginning. The "definitive" new anime will premiere on NTV on October 2 and run every Sunday at 10:55 a.m. NTV opened a web page for the new anime.

[Source: ANN]

The combined 35/36th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is announcing the main cast of the 2011 television anime adaptation of Yoshihiro Togashi's Hunter x Hunter manga on Monday:

Megumi Han (live-action Otomen) as Gon Freecs
Mariya Ise as Killua Zaoldyeck
Keiji Fujiwara as Leorio
Miyuki Sawashiro as Kurapika
Daisuke Namikawa as Hisoka

The same characters were played by the following cast members in the earlier 1999-2001 anime:

Junko Takeuchi as Gon Freecs
Kanako Mitsuhashi as Killua Zaoldyeck
Hozumi Gôda as Leorio
Yuki Kaida as Kurapika
Hiroki Takahashi as Hisoka

The "definitive" new anime will premiere on NTV on October 2 and run every Sunday at 10:55 a.m. NTV opened a web page for the new anime, which will retell the manga's story from the beginning.

Hiroshi Koujina (Rainbow - Nisha Rokubō no Shichinin, Neuro - Supernatural Detective) will direct the anime at MADHOUSE (Death Note, NANA), and Atsushi Maekawa (Dragon Ball Z, Fresh Precure!) is in charge of the scripts. Takahiro Yoshimatsu ("Something Yoshimatsu" of Future GPX Cyber Formula, Slayers) is designing the characters, while Toshio Nakatani is producing.

[Source: ANN]

So a whole new cast of voice seiyuu and new team working on the animation, interesting. Well I can't really comment on how the original anime was because I never watched it O.o, but I hear it was done really well (and some people think a reboot isn't necessary).

But what I do know is that MADHOUSE is a freakin' awesome animation Studio, they are releasing some of the best animated works these seasons and is more ambitious than some other studios - note the collaboration with Marvel, and the Supernatural anime OVA's. Madhouse did animate Death Note and that looked amazing - the glorious bag of potato chip opening will forever remain entrenched in my memory for being so kickass, ah if only I looked so cool when I open a bag of potato chips =(. Though I am curious, Madhouse doesn't seem like a studio that would use many filler episodes if any, so what will they do when they catch up the manga (if they do at all...)?

Now I'm left contemplating whether to go ahead and read the manga or just wait for October when this airs O.o, hmmmmmm, well I since I put so much thought in wanting to read Hunter X Hunter, I'll probably read it =D.

Anyway Miyuki Sawashiro voice acting in this, my goodness, yes please. I absolutely love the anime she voices in (my favourite seiyuu along with Maaya Sakamoto), she is an insanely talented seiyuu (yeah the International anime community realised this when they voted for her to win the Overseas Fans Choice Award at this years 5th Annual Seiyuu Award - funny how in the year without Gintama, there was no award for the Best Male Seiyuu =P - you can check the results if you interested here).

Also didn't realise the seiyuu for Gon in the 1999-2001 anime is also the seiyuu for Uzumaki Naruto. Maybe due to her being so entrenched in Naruto's character, Madhouse decided to use a new seiyuu - I know it was weird hearing Naruto's voice as Sabo when I was watching One Piece, but since I love Naruto, I don't mind at all =D.

Darkshaunz wrote:
The Reiatsu/Chakra/Ki/Haku equivalent in Hunter x Hunter is called "Nen".

I hear that the power system in Hunter X Hunter is implemented really really well.
I'm only at chapter 11 but things have been pretty intense already, especially with the second chapter kick starting the first major arc - normally you'd expect some introductory chapters or a mini-arc right at the start, but Hunter X Hunter gets you into the thick of things quickly =D. Reminds me of Enigma where the first major arc began right from chapter one =D.

Anyway just some trivial observation, but it sure is common introducing a main character via fishing =P:

Hunter X Hunter introducing Gon:

Rave Master introducing Haru:

Toriko introducing Toriko:


Toriko was the most exciting due to how manly it was, but I love how Gon uses the fishing rod as a weapon =D.

Gon is an awesome protagonist. Unlike the overly expressive shounen protagonist, Gon is slightly more reserved and even though he does give the appearance of being simple and easy-going, you can't help but feel that there is something much deeper about his character. From just chapter one you realise that Gon is more than the easy-going person he seems to be, in just those panels he is staring at something (or nothing) you notice that he thinks about a lot of things and even if he doesn't express it or show it, he's very perceptive, observant and intelligent - just as was illustrated by Gon's reaction to the quiz in chapter 3.

Also got to love how Gon didn't turn the fact that his father left him when he was baby into one big emo-drama (we all know how Sasuke would act if put in Gon's situation). Rather than blame his father, the answer he came up with was pretty incredible - which is how special this "Hunter" job must be, if a person is ready to abandon their own son for it.

Anyway it's pretty incredible how Son Goku influenced many of the current shounen protagonist. I get the Son Goku vibe when I look at Gon - especially Gon's Saiyan-like personality where he finds excitement in danger and being a Hunter.

And is it just me, or does it seem Kishimoto was influenced by the Hunter exam to create the Naruto Chuunin exam? There are several parallels that can be drawn, but it's pretty common for story development - the character that appears as the main casts friend but is in fact against them (the Kabuto like character). The year with the main characters in being a "special" group of applicants. And some other stuff, but I've just begun reading about the second test/exam in the exam. Still the Hunter exam makes the Chuunin exam look like child's play...I wouldn't even call the Hunter exam an exam, it's practically a course that wants to kill you. The examiners rather than wanting to pass people, seek peoples death. And Gon and Killua, what the...a pair of twelve year olds and already they shaping up to be insanely strong? The Kurapika and Leorio (he is hilarious) relationship is pretty amusing, especially with how their reasons for wanting to become Hunters and their viewpoints contrast so much.

Also about Hisoka the Magician, he sure caught me off guard, I really thought he was just a cold-blooded merciless killer, but turns out his character is much more than just that O.o.

The second test/exam of the Hunter exam - Gourmet Hunters...well now looks like not just Dragon Ball, but Hunter X Hunter heavily influencing Toriko.

Looking forward to reading more and finding out if Killua really is the "cold-blooded"-like killer he says he is O.o.
Hunter X Hunter chapters 11-21

Syphin wrote:
...and finding out if Killua really is the "cold-blooded"-like killer he says he is O.o.

Well now, guess I've found myself an answer in chapter 21. Just wow...Killua, I actually shuddered a bit when he talked about how he ran away from family to Gon on the airship, also was Killua ripping out Jones's heart (in the majority vote path battle) actually shown in the anime?. Amusing how Gon is indifferent about a lot of things =).

The Leorio battle was hilarious - he reminds me of a combination of Shikamaru and Jiraiya from Naruto and Vash the Stampede from Trigun (it's probably his hair and the glasses he was wearing at the start of the exam).

And as for how the whole majority vote battle turned out, I loved how Togashi wrote it. It's was obvious the main cast would win but the way Togashi went about writing it was very creative and exciting. Also Hunter X Hunter is quite gory, unlike One Piece, Naruto and Bleach (Bleach at times is gory, but when characters don't die, it does negate that). I wonder how much was censored from the manga story when adapting it to the anime (and how much censoring will go on with the new Hunter X Hunter anime series).

Also Menchi is awesome, if I were an examiner, I'd also give the examinees some insanely difficult test just so I could fail everyone >=D (was Kishimoto influenced by Menchi when creating Mitarashi Anko? hmmmmmm).

Hisoka sure is an intriguing character.
I do enjoy how you incorporate anti-Bleach sentiments into your Hunter x Hunter post even when it's entirely unnecessary. It was going so well until you had to bring out a dead horse that's already been beaten several times over. I see it in your One Piece posts as well.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but I have some issues when people have to talk another series down to prop another one up. It almost seems as if people can't make arguments unless they compare what they like with something they deem inferior (meaning what they like isn't very good if they have to compare it to something worse) - instead of comparing it with something superior in quality or direction.

My question to all Bleach haters still stands, why bother reading it if it's so hopeless and/or terrible? Just drop it in my opinion. It seems that I can't seem to have a halfway decent conversation about Bleach without people coming in and going, "Yeah that's alright but it's SHIT compared to <Insert favourite shounen>". Bleach is borderline laughable (writing/plot-wise) compared to many shounens out there, such as Hunter x Hunter.

But I think you lessen the value of Hunter x Hunter by bringing Bleach up to compare it on an inferior level.

On Topic: Yes, the anime is pretty gory. You should definitely watch it.
He didn't really hate. Somebody needs to cool there jets . He was simply pointing out the differences in gore between the HxH and the major 3 and how it made it much more enjoyable to actually see it for once. In a world of pirates, are people going to just get smashed by a million fists and not die? Probably not, but they do. Dudes with big swords and pajamas are supposed to slice shit up but all that really happens is shit turns to dust. Naruto is equally as guilty. HxH is nice because it shows the dirtiness of life (cheating, murder, etc) but also never ceases to show how beautiful other things can be--like friendship, a child's ability to have fun, compassion.

As for your question about "why", I think a LOT of people read shit to read shit, or watch shit to watch shit. When you're bored and crave some anime/manga you'll sit through anything if it means being less bored for x minutes (naruto fillers? *cough*). People have also invested YEARS reading this story (I know I have) and it's kind of stupid to drop it now. I think a lot of people are sucking it up and going the long haul, good or bad. I know you love Bleach man, and I tease the shit out of you for it, but honestly I don't care if you read it. It doesn't hurt me. I don't think of you as less a person because you like something that I don't. But you also got to let us hate it, if we let you like it.

Nice write-up though, Syphin. I agree that there's a lot of influences and copies all over the place in this story. The most obvious is probably young Goku with a brain transplant, aka Gon. He's got the same happy-go-lucky attitude that Goku and Luffy make famous. It's a shame people don't know more about this series because Gon is done a lot better than both of them. Leoreo is definitely Vash the stampeed, and seeing as Trigun came out before HxH, there might be some of that going on. Killua is the typical emo archetype but he's definitely more compassionate than most shounen emo's out there. You can really see his struggle to remain human rather than just be emo all the time, and that is what makes him an awesome character. He really develops later on during and after the Greed Island story.
Hunter X Hunter Chapter 22-33,

The fourth test/exam was very entertaining. I like how the number system worked - the 3 points number sheet and the 1 point ones. Each time one of the participants "acquired" a number sheet my mind did start working into thinking who is whose target and what could possibly happen. It's quite incredible how Togashi wrote this exam especially within the boundary he set around himself to write in (the whole point system). It reminds me of Liar Game or Yu-gi-oh! duels where the rules set up boundaries for the actions to take place in. The mangaka are more limited than usual and within that space they have to write an exicitng and intriguing story, which is incredible tough. In the end everything has to add up and you have to write in a way which the readers don't expect and even within the structured set-up where the readers have something to structure their own guesses and theories around you have to genuinely surprise, excite and intrigue them. Togashi's writing for the fourth exam was very creative especially the way Kurapika negotiated with Hisoka, the way Gon and Kurapika helped Leorio acquire his number tag, the fact that the exam was one week long and involved more than just acquiring your targets number tag, and how a real hunt unfolds.

The whole set-up of Gon getting paired with number 44 was great. It was nice to see how Gon handled such an overwhelming situation and seeing him do probably what no one else in the round could do (maybe Killua could?). It was also nice seeing Gon's true feelings after the exam.

Gitarakura shocked me, I did not see the twist with the pins in the face coming (so it was more than just fashion accessories...O.o).

I was wondering if Togashi could bring through the level of high quality writing he had in Level E (the end was great, Prince Baka would think so too =P) to a shounen story, and I am convinced now, he can.

Just started reading the final exam chapters, and lol this tournament pyramid had me looking at it for a couple minutes thinking to myself "just what is going on here? Wouldn't this be unfair to those numbers having to fight more fights? And this way only one would win...":

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 33

Yeah after looking at that for a couple minutes, I found out just what the pyramid was about on the next few pages. I'm so used to seeing tournament style pyramids where the winners advance, I did not see the actual twist coming =P. Very clever the way the President arranged the pyramid, it's purpose and how he determined each candidates position. Like how he factored in charisma as the most important factor, because for shounen and probably for any story, rather than strength and ability, the most important characteristic about the main character is their charisma (the base characteristic of any character?). For Naruto, it's the power to change people (Tsunade comments on this a lot and gambles on it); for One Piece, it's Luffy's ability to make allies out of anyone (Mihawk did conclude that this is the most dangerous ability in the world); for Bleach, Ichigo does have the ability to win over people (how he did with the Shinigami and Vizards). Lots of stories have the main characters winning over a former enemy or enemies hearts.

Probably the most I've seen that concept pushed is in Medaka Box:

Medaka Box Chapter 91 page 10-11
Medaka Box Chapter 91 page 12
Medaka Box Chapter 91 page 13

^(lol enemy's, should be enemies =P).

I love love love the unconventional nature of Medaka Box. It even puts a spin on the Weekly Shounen Jump motto of "Friendship, Endeavour/Hard Work, Victory" in regards to one of the antagonist group (chapter 63). And this is from chapter 88:



Back to Hunter X Hunter, Gon does seem to be in a pinch atm against Hanzo being completely overpowered. I get the feeling that Hisoka is going to purposely lose just to fight the person he is interested in (he doesn't really particularly care about the Hunter title beyond it being an almost license to kill).

Darkshaunz wrote:
On Topic: Yes, the anime is pretty gory. You should definitely watch it.

Yeah I would like to watch it, but having limited internet does lead to a few problems. I downloaded Deus Ex: Human Revolution from steam earlier in the week, so that took a big chunk out of my internet space =P.

As for me talking about the level of gore for Hunter X Hunter and One Piece, Naruto and Bleach, I used these three series to compare against Hunter X Hunter because they are also serialised in Weekly Shounen Jump and are the biggest titles in the magazine. As for commenting on Bleach's level of gore, I pointed it out because I feel Bleach is the most gory of those three series (I had the scene of Hiyori getting chopped in two by Gin when I wrote this) - "Bleach at times is gory...". I added "but when character don't die, it does negate that" because to me, leaving it at "Bleach at times is gory" wouldn't be the whole truth and I wanted my comment to be as accurate as possible. And when a character's injury is healed shortly after being injured, it does negate (maybe I should have used 'reduce' =/) the level of gore.

There was no hate by me directed towards Bleach. Hate is such a powerful word and I take the word seriously (words have power). I rarely use it in a negatively direct context and if I want to express myself towards something, I say "I dislike x" or "I find y annoying" (I live by the motto "Love a lot, dislike few, hate nothing" - I would like to say I dislike nothing, but I still need to grow. I'm very conscious about my use of the word "hate" (and swear words) and I make a constant effort to try and not use it in a negatively direct sense. I do use the phrase "I would hate to see/imagine/think what..." at times, but that's more directed at my thoughts and I use it to explain things. Though I suppose there are times when I use it in an overly directive context:

Back in 2008 in the Code Geass thread:
Syphin wrote:
I dunno, I feel Suzaku actually values human life more, he doesn't use others to achieve his goal. I simply hate the fact when Lelouch lost control of his Geass which made Euphie do all the things she did and shifted all the blame onto her, he didn't even try to repent. Suzaku on the other hand, from what I've seen so far will at least try to repent for sins.

I get that Lelouch is trying to create an independent Japan and destroy that survival of the fittest philosophy, but what his doing is just adding to the suffering. I'm not really a fan of 'the end justifies the means' in most cases, especially when human lives are at stake

Anyway I'll see where things are headed =) (also apologies, I'm taking this too seriously :P)

^I ended up being completely wrong about Lelouch, Code Geass R2 shattered my perceptions of him and I fell in love with him (and with the series).

Back in 2006 in this thread (Landsquid's Drug Emporium) - while it was sarcasm, it was directive:

Syphin wrote:
Fkin trollz, I hate you all!

Joking :P

Sorry it was deliberate to go /wrist without the s, sif, I'm not that much of a noob...

Believe it or not, I was testing your guys troll skills.

^Rereading that thread was amusing (Oh Pakuz...=P). On a personal note, in 2006, I realised how fail I was at being a troll, so in 2007 I ended up changing the way I posts.

Anyway back to my attitude towards Bleach, I will say there are some people among the "Bleach haters" that are dissatisfied with Bleach that don't "hate" Bleach but in fact love it. There are people who complain about Bleach that actually genuinely like it, but are overcome by deep sadness when they compare Bleach to the potential Bleach has.

retsgip wrote:
It's a shame people don't know more about this series because Gon is done a lot better than both of them.

Yeah you right about this, it's probably because it doesn't have an ongoing anime which is the reason that it isn't very popular outside of Japan. Though even if it had, it depends on how series is handled. Naruto is probably the best handled anime series out of the the three current major ones (not talking about quality but about Viz Media's management) in the West. Naruto is much more easily accessible. Bleach is more mature, so it ends up airing in a later time position (I used to watch the dub when it came on adult swim - a shame the adult swim section that came on the Australian/New Zealand Cartoon Network abruptly ended. One Piece, well 4Kids butchered the dub when they sought to market it to the Pokemon fans and One Piece didn't get a proper TV anime run like Naruto or Bleach. FUNImation did a much more grander job with the dub, but they really aren't re-marketing One Piece as hard as Viz Media are marketing Naruto and Bleach. One Piece probably aired at unpopular times where not many people watched it and consequently ended up having it's TV anime canceled. The One Piece dubs are now being released Online.

Anyway it's pretty cool Madman Entertainment licensed Naruto Shippuuden for Australia/New Zealand and CN started airing it earlier this year because I was wondering if they would ever get it (though it's only the first two seasons that aired before entering re-runs).
Hunter X Hunter Chapter 34-63,

Well I was wrong about how the fifth exam would unfold, didn't expect the story to switch to the end after Gon's match (in the anime the Kurapika and Hisoka match was first, the Gon vs Hanzo match was second) and than go back to reveal what happened to everyone else. Pretty cool how Gon handled the match with Hanzo and hahah he really is stubborn. It's no wonder Killua is so intrigued by Gon, his whole perception of strength and ability was shattered when he seen how Gon, who was clearly significantly weaker than Hanzo, changed the situation around. Even Hanzo couldn't help but like Gon.

This reminds me of certain hyperactive knuckleheaded ninja:



Killua really is unstable, must have had some intense upbringing. Killua is physically strong, but he is lacking in mental area - psychologically broken by Illumi, unlike Gon (that's why Killua is so puzzled by Gon's strength). Killua's father is pretty cool, but he did leave me with a impression that he is more menacing than he appears to be. Still nice how he asked Killua what he wanted to do and gave him the freedom to do what he wants to do. I wonder if Killua's father was just like Killua when he was younger, because he seemed pretty confident that Killua will return.

Anyway amusing how the 20 day training arc for Leorio, Kurapika and Gon lasted only 2 pages =P, have to love it when things get down to business quickly. And Gon becomes more interesting here - he is stubborn and wants what he wants, but he shows that he can hold himself back when he becomes aware that what he wants to do will cause other people to get hurt or be problematic for them.

The Heaven Arena Tournament Arc was really cool - finally learn about Nen, and it really is a cool power system. The strength and ability of Nen is individualistic and it's level depends on the level of the individual, not on some luck of the draw type thing. If you have strong will and are a hard worker, you can develop your Nen immensely. Though while I say that, there is some 'luck-of-the-draw' type developments going on - Gon and Killua having the ability only apparent in 1 in 10 million people (yeah I guess things aren't so equal for everybody). Well I still find pretty interesting. In Naruto, you can be born with a powerful Kekkei Genkai or a pretty weak one (the differences between certain Kekkei Genkai are immense); in One Piece, you could eat a pretty average Devil Fruit or an insanely powerful one (it's still possible to research which one you eat like Teach did - Luffy didn't do this but still makes his rubberness work for him =P); in Bleach, you could get a pretty lame Shikai or Bankai, or a really awesome Shikai or Bankai - Renji's zanpakutou forms are pretty weak, when you compare this to Aizen Shikai, you just wonder, why are such levels of differences between zanpakutou? Ichigo's zanpakutou just gives him power and speed boost, but he has so many other power forms at his disposal (plus he has the help of Kisuke). In Toriko, Gourmet Cells exist which enhance the body and mind, so I suppose anybody could utilise it, but I suppose corporations wouldn't want Gourmet Cells freely available (the economy is more stressed in Toriko than in other battle manga, but it is still pretty basic) - anyway different Gourmet Foods enhance your body in different ways, so it probably depends on what Gourmet Food your body/appetite craves for/reacts with (the energy measurement is Kilojoules).

Anyway I like how with Nen, while it is individual, once you attain it, you can improve on it by training your body and mind, unlike with a Kekkai Genkai, Devil, Fruit or Zanpakutou release - once you have those abilities, you pretty cemented in them. Though those series do stretch the rules at times - double Kekkai Genkai and advanced Kekkei Genkai.

Cool how Nen sub-abilities incorporate martial art and meditation techniques - like the progressive muscle relaxation during aura opening process and the Ten process. Also I don't know if it's just because I want to see it, but I am seeing a lot of similarities between Naruto and Hunter X Hunter. While Hunter X Hunter and Naruto incorporate actual martial art technique and meditation principles, there are a few similarities. The whole determining of what affinity you are within the Hatsu process (which of the six essences does your character align with) does remind me of determining what chakra element you have an affinity towards in Naruto. Makes me wonder how Naruto would have turned out if the Sharingan didn't exist - it'll probably be like Hunter X Hunter and more balanced.

There are some other similarities I see between Hunter X Hunter and Naruto - Zushi becoming aware of the skill of Killua and Gon as they learn what took him months in a couple of week does remind me of how Rock Lee reacted when he became aware at the true "talent" of the Uchiha - learning taijutsu in such a small time frame.

Exciting how Killua and Gon fought in the 200th+ floor as they learn to develop their Nen. The Hisoka vs Gon match just oozed out epicness. Goodness, Hisoka is such an amazing, unusual and entertaining character =D. He reminds me of Kimblee from Fullmetal Alchemist, he doesn't care about absolute power of world domination, all he cares about is finding entertainment for himself and amusing himself. Characters like them understand what they are doing (it's not like they don't know what it "right" or "wrong"), and that is why they pursue the path that is most efficient at reaching that source of entertainment - Kimblee joined the military so he could kill, Hisoka became a Hunter so he could be less responsible when he does kill someone.

Gon getting a hit in on Hisoka's face was quite awesome, especially when he returned the number 44 badge =D. But when Hisoka got serious and overwhelmed Gon, things just got badass - clever and awesome how Hisoka utilises his "Bungee Gum" ability - he really does know how to entertain.

The other fights that happened earlier in the tournament were also pretty awesome - Gon and Gido, the fights with Riehlvelt, and Hisoka vs Kastro - amusing how Hisoka psychologically broke Kastro and created such a gap in power when in actuality there wasn't much of a gap between the two =P. And hahah, no reaction by Hisoka (apart from a bigger smile) when he had both his arms chopped off - how crazy =P. Machi has skills, her medical skills with sewing on both arms of Hisoka would even put Sakura's medical jutsu in Naruto to shame =P.

Also interesting how the anime handled this arc (was just reading the episode summaries), rather than having the Hisoka vs Gon fight last, they had it in the late middle and followed through with the other smaller fights which in the manga were done before the Hisoka fight. The anime also added a small filler arc - episodes 18-20 and did add certain things in certain episodes.

Anyway for all those who thought the Naruto x Sasuke relationship was the most yaoi in Shounen, I will direct you to the [very] unhealthy obsession Hisoka has for Gon. It'll make you think twice about things =P:


Well his unusualness and insanity is what makes him my favourite HxH so far =P.

Interested in seeing how Gon will fair in a real world battle. So far Gon has been in tournament battle which were governed by rules and the reason he survived those battles is because of those rules. If it were real-life battles, Gon would be long since dead. And how will Killua's unstableness affect the future relationship of Gon and him =/.
Hunter X Hunter Chapter 64-89,

Hmmmm, so Gon's father is riding some weird looking giant bunny frog riding some weird looking giant dragon creature on some Island in the world, interesting....Still I would be lying if I said I wasn't uncomfortable when Gon's father openly admitted that he didn't want to see Gon. But I don't know the whole story and as for the actual reason behind Gon's parents actions, I really do wonder about them. Really nice how Gon thinks of Mita as his mother, but I was actually really interested to see what Ging had to say about Gon's mother, ah guess the mystery will be kept a mystery for a while longer =P.

Greed Island, oh how cool. The game effect does remind me of .hack// series, especially .hack//Sign - with how Tsukasa's consciousness was trapped inside the game. Also reminded me a bit of Yureka. The price tag on the game is insane, and hahah, quite amusing how Killua and Gon lost most of their money while trying to make more, but cool how they learned a lot from their failures. It's quite funny but before I read retsgip post above, I always read Greed Island as Green Island - it's because I read Greed Island as a whole rather than letter-for-letter and I ended up making the connection of "Green" when I thought about Island. Weird how I never really noticed before than that I've been reading it wrong O.o.

I will admit that while the Gon, Killua and Leorio coverage in York Shin is fun (where I'm at it's getting much more interesting - the real professionals brought in =D), I'm more interested in seeing what happens with Kurapika. Kurapika is so awesome - EMPEROR TIME MODE!!!!!!! His fight against Uvogin was badass. Specialisation Nen huh, intriguing.

I'm finding it hard not to draw parallels between Naruto and Hunter X Hunter, there are so many things that are in Hunter X Hunter that remind me of Naruto. In addition to the ones I've already listed in my earlier posts, the whole Gon/Killua relationship seems to have inspired the Naruto/Sasuke one (though minus the delving into intense yaoi elements), Kurapika being the last of his clan and having eyes that he can activate to awaken individual abilities plus it being red/scarlet (and him out to hunt down a certain group) does seem to have also inspired the Uchiha and Sasuke set-up. I not sure if Kishimoto was actually inspired by Hunter X Hunter, but that does seem the case to me.

Anyway I'm really surprised that Hunter X Hunter is actually a Weekly Shounen Jump manga, because it really doesn't seem like a manga that is mainly directed towards 13-15 year old boys who are the main audience for the magazine. It seems like a manga that would fit better in Jump Square or Weekly Young Jump (contrary to what the title implies, it actually serialises mature series). Some of the explanations and content are quite tricky to understand (maybe it was just because the translation I was reading made it appear so?). The explanations about how Nen works and the Auction dealings and talk about making money, creating Auctions, buying/selling process, the Auction bluffs don't seem like something that 13-15 year olds would get immediately plus be very interested in (maybe Japanese teens are that smart O.o). There are lots of complex things going on in the story as well, and it's content seems closer to that of a FMA-type series than that of your WSJ-type series. The display of a characters strength isn't shown with just only fights, in the York Shin Arc, even when Gon isn't fighting, we see Gon's strength still being displayed - his charismatic (not concerning himself between good or bad and drawing the distinction, but just being curious about everything and finding the fun in it) to draw in Zepairu who helps them out.

Another great thing about Hunter X Hunter beyond it's maturity and complexity, is how the content is so compacted. There is hardly any useless chapters or scenes in the manga (so far) and each arc flows on from the previous one really nicely. Everything has a purpose (when Wing was teaching Gon and Killua about Nen, I was wondering why he was doing that, but it turns out even that had a reason and purpose =D).

Also I've been noticing this, but the Hunter X Hunter world really does thrive on fighting - no wonder Hunters are in such demand. There hasn't been a sort of "international police" organisation revealed (yet?), but the Hunter organisation seems to serve that sort of purpose as one of it's purposes. The Hunter X Hunter world does seem to be quite chaotic.

Anyway time to read more Hunter X Hunter, because...


(These events before the Greed Island Arc (is it after the York Shin Auction Arc?) are really really good).
Going to start reading the "Ant Arc"

Chapter 186 onwards, will let you guys know what I think.

Apparently it's similar to DBZ's "Perfect Cell" saga, which is one of my favourites. Combine that with Hunter x Hunter and you have a winner.

Let's see. :D
Hunter X Hunter Chapter 90-132,

Interesting how the York Shin Arc unfolded, I was wondering how Chrolly would be handled when he had the ability to use multiple Nen abilities and was able to steal more. Very cool how Gon, Killua, Leorio, Kurapika and Senritsu set up their plan and executed it =P - Leorio's acting was hilarious.

Loved how the Phantom Troupe were developed, they were the antagonists but I grew to really like them. In certain cases it's great when a manga develops the antagonist group into characters you care about. It's like how in Bleach, Kubo portrayed the Espada to be one very awesome group. Other than the Karakura group, the Espada are my next favourite faction (ah, what a sad end they all met). The conveyance of the theme "heart", how in a world where the existence of the "thing" called "heart" was non-existent, they were able to find a way to acquire such a thing (thanks to Aizen) and for some (well one in particular) were able to understand the meaning behind such a concept. In a world filled with heartless beings (the Hollow's holes in their chest signifying their lost hearts - as explained by Kuugo in the current Bleach arc - I'm actually trusting what he said here) there were actually beings with "hearts" - best example would be Harribel and how she cared for her Fraccion. The way Ulquiorria reached an understanding of what "heart" meant was cool as well. While the fact that the Espada are more than heartless beings wasn't the focus of the Arrancar Saga, it was covered sufficiently to establish that even among the Hollow, those who lost their hearts, within them there remains a small part that seeks to free themselves - even with the Espada, I believe that the Shinigami power only brought out what was really their - it didn't give them a "heart", it just cleared away a lot of what was covering their "lost heart".

Anyway back to Hunter X Hunter, many members of the Spiders were conveyed nicely, especially finding out that they too are similar to heroes of the story. While they have done wrong in the past, they still feel and pain, and aren't characters you can just categorize into "good" or "bad" (but for the stories sake, the distinction is still apparent). The way Pakunoda chose to sacrifice herself to prevent any more of her comrades from dying was dam cool, while it puts Kurapika at a major disadvantage, I still respect the lengths she took to protect her comrades.

The idea of the "Nen cleaners" was interesting, but while it will allow Chrolly to escape from the conditions he is under, can't Kurapika do the same and use a "Nen cleaner" to remove the pledge he made? Either way, it will be interesting to see how Kurapika fights against one of the Spiders, now that they know his weakness.

Gon and Killua, hahah, they sure stuck it to Tsezugera after he called their Nen weak =P. In 4 days improving so much, their talent is insane. Really now, imagine what they could do if they had a hyperbolic time chamber =P.

Greed Island Arc - lol, Gon's father has some unusual sense of humour - leading his son into his game where he could lose his life, with the intention of wanting Gon to have fun =P. Ging must believe in Gon a lot, curious to learn what type of person Ging is.

The game world itself is great, I love the book and spell card set-up - it's keeping Hunter X Hunter fresh. Along with Nen, there are now more rules to grasp, and the dynamics of combat have change drastically. The general rules of the game also add more to think about - the three card limit, the limitation of materialising cards and converting items into cards, the space in the book, the goal of the game. With quite a bit of players in the game, I wonder how anyone would go about attaining all the slotted cards....hmmmmmm. Should be fun being swept up in this adventure and seeing how Gon and Killua handle it.

Also have to agree with retsgip, the Son Goku archetype character Luffy and Gon follow after, is more better conveyed by Gon. The way Togashi illustrates his character does make him and his actions very understandable.

Darkshaunz wrote:
Apparently it's similar to DBZ's "Perfect Cell" saga, which is one of my favourites. Combine that with Hunter x Hunter and you have a winner.

Really? The Cell saga was very entertaining (my favourite as well =P - future Trunks, Gohan at his most badass, and the last time Vegeta was stronger than Goku) so I will be looking forward to the Ant Arc from now =P.

Anyway Hisoka, ahhh, he is so awesome, my heart trembles when I see him. The way he uses his words is so poetic and exhilarating - he can twist something out of nothing (how he fooled the Spiders into staying in York Shin longer). And when he creates something out of nothing, I am always amazed. When I seen Hisoka for the first time, I wondered why he was called a magician rather than a jester or a joker (what he reminded me more of), but now I can clearly see just why Togashi called Hisoka, Hisoka the Magician - because he really is. Just like magic, you can't read him or predict him, but are completely amazed and captured by him (in my case anyway, and that smile oh his...). Hisoka is so badass, he even manages to escape the gaze of one of the worlds most powerful abilities - a woman's intuition.

And yeah, he gives a new meaning to the term erotic O.o:


A shame he couldn't relish in his desires this time, but hahah I'm surprised how calmly he accepted what happened to Chrolly. Looking forward to what Hisoka does next =D.
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