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New members please make a thread and say hi! We're not evil or anything, promise.

Welcome to the Twelve Forums, the heart and soul of the Twelve Community!

Here at Twelve we feel like one big family. We may be a crazed, politically incorrect, crass and civil-war inciting albino family living in a dungeon with way too many creepy uncles, but we're a family nonetheless. We hope you will take the time to explore the forums and have your say where you can and become an active member of our community.

The first step to that is telling us a bit about yourself, so make a thread in this very forum and go for it! I'll put an example thread at the bottom of this post for you.

But first a few notes about the forums and it's members:

- Don't be intimidated by keyboard warrriors, as long as you hold my hand you're safe here
- Try to spell properly or someone might give you shit, if so just tell them to eat a dick
- If you're posting a link, post your opinion on it too or people will ignore it
- Get an avatar so we get to know you in User Control Panel (at the top) > Profile > Edit Avatar
- Be sure to contribute wherever possible, don't be scared of us!
- Make sure you participate in any competitions that take place
- If you like it, invite your friends to come and join in the fun

Example "Hello" post (mine's mostly fake, but you get the gist of it)

Hi there, I'm Fork a 24 year old scuba diver instructor living in Perth, Western Australia.

I started playing WoW at launch but have been on and off due to uni and other RL commitments. I'm an avid raider but most of all love collecting pets, particularly the cute ones so I can take screenshots and hang them about my room.

On the weekend I love to find a trannie on the street and paint their nails. It excites me so much I go out and buy a new dress afterwards.

In my spare time I build rocket ships and have successfully circumnavigated the moon thrice, each time with more chocolate syrup aboard my ship.

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