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Jiminy wrote:
How do you "make" a new page?

Search for a page, if the page doesn't exist you'll be given the option to create one.

Also I'll look at making this a little nicer when I find myself with some spare time.
Also you can link to pages that don't exist and those links will show up as red links. When you click on them you will be creating them. Internal wiki links just have double square brackets wrapping them (I'm sure there's a button for it in the editor though too)
Holy shit, I lost at Brink.


From the creators of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars came this awful piece of shit that we tried to play.

I'm laughing again.

That was certainly one of the most disappointing things we played together, besides ARMA 2.

You definitely were good at the Icarus, and ET:QW was great. There's also always a special place in my heart for World in Conflict for sure!
I just read the first post again, so many memories. Though my writing style was atrocious..
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