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I've never particularly liked Donnie Darko =/

Watched Green Lantern: Emerald Knights last night - While the overarching storyline wasn't anything special the focus was on the Green Lantern history/lore and introducing important side characters (Kilowog, Sinestro, Abin Sur, the first lantern etc) which it did really well.
Fork wrote:
Paul - "Three titties. Awesome."

Yea, Paul is a great movie, 8/10

I just finished watching -

Age of Heroes - Shaun Bean playing a Commando this time, and not a medieval/fantasy warrior. Great war movie about a British Commando Unit going into Nazi Occupied France. Recommended for any War Genre fan, the unit is Ian Flemming's Unit. Reminds me a lot of Where Eagles Dare and James Bond. 7/10

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - This movie actually surprised me how good it was, crime comedy with a gay Val Kilmer. Michelle Monaghan is quite hot. 8/10 :thumbleft:
Clownshoes wrote:
I loved ________ movie - 10/10 - seems like it's worth a thread but nah.

Thank you for this helpful post.

I can't seem to find "________" on imdb though, got a link?
Clownshoes wrote:
8.0 or higher should get it's own post.

The new scale we should rank movies on is from 1 to 7.99.

But really, if I think a lot of other people will watch it or discuss it I'll put the time into making a thread for it.

Until then, "If discussion starts up about a movie, create a thread for it".
Stardust - Fairy tale with witches, fallen stars, lightning pirates and romance.

Really creative, weird and fun. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Arthur - Russell Brand has too much money and doesn't want to grow up.

Surprisingly entertaining. Helen Mirren was probably the best thing about this.

Sunshine - the sun (is a planet, right?) is dying and we need to 'restart' it for humanity to continue to survive. Kinda like 'The Core' but in space.

This was an excellent psychological journey into space and the human condition. Would recommend.
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