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Recently came into the US Government, if you're unfamiliar with it, it's basically the "Anti-Streaming Bill", but the current wording also applies to videogame content, if this passes, things like Starcraft 2 replays, Lets Plays or any sort of personal review will be gone, in a sense.

Said links word anything better than I could:

The main piece of writing everyone has been linking: … ltradavid/
Words from Notch:
The bill itself:

Haven't really gone looking up multiple sources from other developers on this yet, as this is fairly recent news, I got like 3 new youtube videos last night of people talking about it.

This is the one about how videos of gameplay will be copyright infringement if you don't get permission right? Well, I can't see it doing that much. I think developers will give permission to legitimate users of their games most of the time because they're not totally stupid and know that community made content helps them. And if the developer doesn't give permission it probably won't matter anyway, YouTube is full of copyright infringing material, while they're working on it there isn't a surefire way of knowIng whether any uploaded content is infringing (except recent movies and music).
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