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What should I do?

. 26votes already cast.

Hunterbob wrote:
Darkshaunz wrote:
What is a "Cradlesnatcher"?

Myself and Ralphie obviously. We prey on the young and corruptible girls.

You guys are monsters.

Thankfully I am not doing such a thing!

PS: I am going to heaven and you guys aren't. Deal with it /shades.
Ralphie wrote:
Hunterbob wrote:
Bain wrote:
Also, I have no idea why you think 30 years of age is 'old' for travelling unless you are worried about trying to pull the younger ladies.

This isn't really much of a factor for the ladies anyway, hehe. My new lady is 22 and I'm 29.

Hi-5 from a fellow cradlesnatcher

Isn't exactly a 7 year difference there though. What is it, 4 years?
I have no idea what's going on in this thread anymore.

I say travel. Life is too short. Shit happens like huge earthquakes or your dog dies and you realize that you should do those things you've always wanted to do but never had time or the right mindset. Maybe that one special house will be gone once you get back, but if you never branch out, you may never experience all that life offers. Not saying you can't experience a wonderful life by settling down and doing it right, but there are more options out there.
I'm a bit hesitant to do the poll as it is more of a personal choice :? Give it some time and like Bain said, once you make a decision act on it, be it half a year of planning or uping and leaving or researching mortgages... :salute:
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