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I'm assuming it would be the entire province of Quebec, Montreal is just a city and things here usually happen on a provincial scale.
I could be wrong about though, I've heard nothing of the sort.

Here's something … ncentives/
The second article on there (currently) is how Eidos set up an office in Montreal with the help of the Quebec government.
By the way Montreal is a city in the province of Quebec and is Canada's only province where French is the first language.
I bought the PC complete DLC edition on steam when it was on sale a little while back.

I'm up to the 3rd traffic case and loving it! My completionist nature is in full swing and if I don't 5 star valorous a case I re do it. The PC version is better than 360 because of graphics and the DLC will be good once I get to it. There are 5 extra cases but since it's been so long all cases are pretty much new for me.

The one DLC case I have done was more complex than the other cases and I had to do it 3 times to get the top case rating.

Anyone keen to replay this thru at the same time or maybe check it out for the first time?

If steam prices are too steep try this torrent: … n_(ENG_RUS)_Repack_NASWARI_ZOHAIB
I was determined to not let this one fall into my pile of shame before I got an Xbox One so I hurried up and completed it last night.

I'm not sure how many other people finished this in the end. I was really surprised by how good the story gets after Col gets promoted to VIce. I like how Col is revealed to not be some generic good guy but a character with many imperfections as a result of guilt from what happened to him in the war, and how he finds out the cases he is trying to solve relate to actions by members of his own crew. Watch the scene after the credits, it wraps it up nicely. It is sad that Col died but I think they handled it well. Its a greater shame that Detective Roy Earl got away with his part in it but I think it just made the ending more interesting.

I nearly missed out seeing the ending of what was a dam good game. There are full length videos of all the cases on youtube.
Glad that you gave it a shot. This is one of my goto games if I haven't got long to play. A quick 20minute case and free drive around 40's LA is great.

I'll put it out there that the DLC cases are all up there in terms of best cases, so if you're interested, definitely check them out.
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