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Ideas worth spreading

I absolutely love this website, and of all the things I've seen on the internet I'd say probably more than half of the most amazing / inspirational / great things have been from this website alone. Spending more time on it recently I basically can't get enough of what people have to say.
One of my lifelong dreams is to give a talk at TED, sounds super cheesy but I just hope that one day I will have achieved something significant enough that it will warrant the use of this sort of stage/forum.

The two most recent I've seen and some really good ones:

A neuroscientist has a stroke and describes her experience of the stroke with respect to the neurological interactions of the human brain. … sight.html

A guy discusses the incredible power and capability of silk and how it can change our world in many ways. … uture.html

I'm always hunting for interesting new videos to see on this site, but there are so many good ones I can't possibly catch them all. Anyone who has favourites or new ones they stumble across please share, I'm pretty much down to watch good TED talks anytime anywhere.

Another interesting one (old one), Malcolm Gladwell talking about spaghetti sauce and revolutionizing the marketing world. Very interesting. … sauce.html

Another great one - let your kids do dangerous shit. … _kids.html

I love this site.
I love TED. Same with wimp. I lose hours of my life then realise i've learnt many things.
Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

Mike Rowe: Learning from dirty jobs

Some really good videos here, I suggest everybody to watch the Amy Cuddy one, very good. :thumbleft:
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