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If they brought in a draft for the Iraq/Afghan wars what would you do?

Probably irrelevant to me because I'd be too old anyway :P but I would be torn between telling them to shove their draft paper up their ass and going to jail, or signing up voluntarily so I could get a cushy desk job doing mapping Intel and avoid ending up in some fucked up hellhole as infantry getting jihaded, do my time, and get my free lunch at the RSL once a year.
Jiminy wrote:
There is a reason Two-up is only legal on ANZAC day bro.

Slightly incorrect.

Two-up is legal on Anzac day for anyone to run. That means any pub, chum or bogan in his backyard can run a Two-up ring and gamble legally.

All other days only registered gambling venues can run Two-up rings (ie Casino's)
True fact: The biggest dick headed comment I've ever heard in regards to ANZAC day was a guy who said that if teenagers being blown up got him a free day off work then we should go to war more often.

The attitudes people have for these things is horrible, and it'll get worse for time. The longer people go without experiencing proper war first hand the more they're going to take such things for granted.

No comments on Easter, and the wedding coverage was boring, but to it's credit it's nice to have SOMETHING on the news other than the latest road toll and play by play stories of whacked out fuck nuts shooting up their neighborhood.
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