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Ralphie wrote:
jeez, I thought my trip went quick, but has it really been 4 weeks since you left?

" The Quickening "

American Indian people apparently refer this to the point in your life when everything seems to fall in place and time literally flies by when you're enjoying yourself.

I like to think that's when you're living your life to the full. And as cheesy as it is, and I thought this when I broke up with my gf; also before I saw Yes Man (which I watched and is awesome btw), I started saying yes to more things all the time. That's how I ended up in Japan, Hungary, Belgium this weekend, Amsterdam and Shooting a fucking bow and arrow!

I'm not saving heaps is the downside, but I still save more than enough for emergencies. I now have a career that I thought would be so hard to land, with no proper education behind him; it even has great long term growth potential =D

So my advice for this holiday weekend, to in my own way I guess; celebrate rebirth.

Happy Easter Twelve.

P.S. can we get more Topic Icons? I like these things.
Usually when posting in the meaningful discussions forum it will help to pose a question to start...discussion.

As for more topic icons, I think you're probably the only person to even use one, so there isn't really much point.
Fearful Dice

Where light shines upon one, a new shadow is also cast behind them. There is a time where the shadow eclipses pockets of light where it once existed. Where one can see with clarity, is now shrouded with visions of the past and addled by a blind future.

To have a great fondness for one and not have it reciprocated is a bittersweet reality. There is a beauty in the design, how if one force can push - the other will repel in equal magnitude. And in it's simplicity lies a complex menagerie of complex metaphysical nuts and bolts. For the sweet taste of hope only exists on a small part of one's life-tongue, and a greater area of bitterness covers the rest of it. The rhetoric springs to mind - Would it have been more prudent to champion the status quo or risk it all in an expedition of chance?

Regret and Hindsight hide their bodies in a half-hearted manner, creeping around the alleys of one's psyche. They exist in the corners of one's vision and perhaps - to be ignored and to be masked by denial. Green eyes, green teeth and cold presences - mocking satires of one's soul. Beastly things that lurk in the cabinets of the past, for every time the drawers of times past are inspected - they will dance upon your heart and sink it to a place of great gravity.

How quickly are worries compounded, how fragile the state of minds and how humbling the need to connect. Ultimately, such awe that fear and uncertainty commands. Perchance, is it fear that drives the eternal struggle between rationality and emotion? Perhaps one seeks the thrill of excitement that could come with change? Or is it because one gambles, using selves as collateral?

To step on the stairway of what could be, and not to know if the next step would have one falling into forever. Yet one finds that taking a step forward is worth falling down two.

The light is cast on one, and a darkness besets the other. An equilibrium of the mortal reality.

However, this one realised something.

Fear is not a waterfall of worry, an ulcer of uncertainty nor is it the aridity of anxiety. Aye! with certainty the possibility exists, that it manifests as a twisted abomination of all those things. Laughing and cackling grey horsemen chasing the ally we call hope into a ravine.

Ultimately however, Fear is an opportunity for courage.

Happy Easter Hunterbob and Twelve

Be re-imagined with courage. :salute:
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