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As long as Fidel lives he will still be seen as the "true leader" of communism in Cuba, so not much will change.

I liken this to the "change of leadership" in Russia. Albeit Medvedev may be the President, there is no doubt the true puppet master is still Putin, so change will not be forthcoming...more a change of figurehead.
It will be more interesting to see the kinds of change when the current ruling generation in Cuba die off and a younger regime take power, then we may see some interesting changes.
Peoples mindsets will change, ergo, change will occur.
You can't simply say "society won't be different" when a fundamental part of an institution is removed.
Castro is the head of their Communist ideal. without him, change will occur.

To presume otherwise is ignorant or very narrow focused.
Maybe this means the beginning of the end of Cuban communism and a shift to socialism. Will be interesting to see how this works
I'll miss castro. Although i don't believe in his political ideals, he resisted the US all through the cold war and beyond, a becon for all revolutionaries.

If cuba is shifting their economic policy, i'd say it's castro's doing. He's resigned officially so that if said reforms go wrong, he won't be the one who gets the blame. There is no way it would be happening without his blessing unless he was dead.
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