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Gunmetal wrote:
funny enough, since I posted in this thread a few years ago, my stereotypes have been smashed to hell, I have since had the Pleasure of training 22 Indigenous people to become train drivers.

There is definitely a change in the wind up north, more companies are recruiting Aboriginals to do meaningful work, and they do it well, I have now made some friends for life.

Well my post in that thread was entirely troll because I was tipsy (you just got caught in the snare trololol)...I'm very much a whitey and don't really give a fuck about politics/race etc.
Though on the topic of racism. It's very easy to stereotype an entire group of people as being inferior or sub human (I do it myself from time to time because casual racism is fun amirite?) though any one who is educated and whose outlook is based on reason (most of us here?) once they are past the grrr boongs/wasps/slopes/lebbos can step back and see that in any race you will get the dregs and you will also get shining examples of acheivement and humanity.

Ultimately the Aboriginal are a minority group that faces many challanges, sure per head they do have higher crime/imprisonment/mortality rates - as a society hopefully over time we can reverse this by providing better education/medical services etc etc to stop the cycle of um....being boongs.
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