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I think it's about time a Lego thread is made. I love Lego and there are so many cool videos of amazing stuff people do with it.

Add your favourites and cool articles/pics too :D

I'll start with an amazing ball run, long vid, but so crazy and cool. I love the Locoroco part.
I also love lego Bob. I remember we used to pile all our lego together and make a small towns worth of constructions.

When i got older i liked meccano more because of the things you could do with it though.
I found meccano to be quite restrictive, but I never really had enough to do much with. I used to love making whole towns and then get their cars all pimped out, hehehe.
Awesome Star Wars Venator class Star Destroyer (new movies Star Destroyer).
Erik Varszegi's massive Venator Class Star Destroyer is now 100% COMPLETE. This badass LEGO behemoth weighs in at a approximately 180lbs, exactly 8 feet long and yep... 43000 individual LEGO pieces. Insane. Read on to see more detail pics and a video where you can imagine this sucker flying through the vasts of outter space.

:shock: The detail on this thing is incredible.
So my flatmate has the camper in the above post and it is as awesome as it looks.

And on another note. Awesome animation of the first Millenium Falcon being pieced together:
I thought the pace was quite good, it lets you identify the pieces a bit easier... Which I realised there are a lot of pieces I haven't seen before in that build. I want lots of Lego.
Challenge to somebody:
Anyone remember 'Lego Rules OK' lego advertisements from I think it must of been the 80s? It involved a big rube goldberg machine in a kid's bedroom, it was my favourite commercial as a kid.

I couldn't find it on youtube but I did find this very nice lego ball contraption.
That was pretty sweet. So much effort goes into these machines, it's insane! If I had that much lego and time, I guess I might think of some crazy ass thing to do as well though.
awesome! im going to get into watching these.

I was such a big lego fan as a child....and still am.

I remember i made this massive piece of a underground lego setting with subs and sharks etc like 2m x 2m.
then one day some feral kids thats lived next door cam over that i felt sorry for and being the scum they were thought it would be funny to wreck what took me sooo long hahahaaha.…..

Oh the days of lego building!
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