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Yeah, in the end all the TV channels are competing against one another for the best ratings, so you're probably right about TV based news. I usually read the Australian/local news paper everyday just for general crap. I don't really know any reliable websites, but haven't really looked tbh
ABC is good for bulletins, Q&A and occasionally pretty funny satire on their Drum website.

You'll find commercial media (TV) is pretty overblown because that pulls the ratings which pulls more money from advertisers. Business doing business things.
There is no such thing as an unbiased opinion, so i take all my news with a grain of salt.

Most people with side with a site/network that mirrors their leanings whether they know it or not though.
I read the Herald the most out of Australian news source, I wouldn't say its particularly biased to either side. Perhaps if you read the telegraph as gospel you'd call it a lefty rag, but hey, go far enough to the right and everyone else is a lefty. I'm sure people who read Green Left Weekly call the SMH a right wing fascist propaganda institution. International news sources I read most are BBC UK, The Guardian, NY Times, Washington Post, and for middle east stuff Al-Jazeera English.
Fork wrote:
No bullshit bike jacket this time ;)

Those were great though, holy goddamn shit Berry Epic House was a fucking epic time.

Aftermath of one of the battles. Good times, good times.


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