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Will try an update when more info comes out



The Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre said there was no tsunami threat to Australia.
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Darkshaunz wrote:
Fork wrote:
Why didn't they bring out their big fighting robots?

Gundams vs. THE OCEAN

Ocean: 1
Gundams: 0

Fucking hell man, that will teach me to troll the forums while taking a shit at work. I read your post and started sniggering uncontrollably, while someone else was 2 cubicles away. Now they probably think I'm a psycho.
The video footage is a bit insane, Japan just got one huge spanking.
Fuck man, shit is insane in the world right now. Wouldn't actually be surprised if the world did asplode next year, haha!

Rets has posted on fb, so seems ok. Apparently around Tokyo/Kawasaki it's not too bad compared to up north. Poor Japan :(
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