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I am stuck in an ancient history lecture, there is an old guy - about 60, who derails the lecture pretty much every 15 mins with some stupid comment or question. I wish to throw a sharp object at his head.

Any other students stuck with blatantly tedious people this semester?

Rant on.
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He is indeed. He is that stereotype. He just asks the most stupid shit. Example: "what does sexually veracious mean?" in relationship to an unchaste Greek woman in antiquity.

Seriously dude. WTF.
It's the lecturers fault for not giving him one word answers. Which is how you deal with 'question guy'

For example the answer to your question is: "It's a slut".
He just asked what the time period from zues to Jesus was.… I want to slap the man.

The lecturer is a fresh Dr. She is cool but is learning.
Zeus too. Stupid iphone app won't let me edit.
Know the stuff she's teaching. But yes, she kinda has.
Grab the old fucker on the way out and tell him he is being disruptive, that the younger students are picking it up, but he's obviously not, ask him to keep his questions until the end and ask the lecturer himself.

When I used to lecture, and I had a pain in the class, I used to use him against himself, ask him the questions before he asked them kinda thing, worked a treat, after a while they would get the hint and shut up.
Bain - attendance counts. If I'm not there, I need a good reason, also - first half was major essay topics.

Gm - next week if he pulls this, I'll speak up.
We had a lot of mature age students in first year classics (thankfully they largely disappeared after that).
They asked dumb questions, even though they'd done all the reading, and I'm sure some were flirting with the lecturers.
The main one that sticks in my mind is the old guy who did a tutorial presentation on the Roman war machine, complete with about a dozen transparencies with maps and diagrams and arrows and things.
Meanwhile the rest of us who had other subjects/homework/part time jobs read some stuff the night before and winged our way through the presentation.
I reckon I would do a lot better at uni if I went back now and did it again (in before Bain threatens to pre-emptively divorce me if I do).
I have this one lecturer, American toss pot. Makes me want to strangle him. Not cause he's bad or anything, just because he's American and talks like a spastic. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!! on a side note, the class is actually quite interesting which makes me want to be there.
I am glad I am home, today was long and tedious.

The mature age people drive me berserk, they are just don't get why everyone else is there, it seems to always turn into a "all about them" session.

Thankfully, the one class I love to bits is sociology this semester, an amazing class on violence and the influence on social order. No mature age students in this one, WOOO!

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