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Life on Jason Mraz

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Just heard an amazing Emma Louise version of Tesalate (Alt J). Angelic. Someone put it up once it is posted.
Lazy kent.

Thanks youtube comments wrote:
Great, she has 2 first names AND she dresses like a china plate. And at around 3.50 dances like a worm on acid.

This cover of Disparate Youth from Santigold by Bob Evans is good.

Heard this one this morning for the first time and really enjoyed the version

Edit: The video thumbnail looks like he's about to lovingly eat the microphone
That was enjoyable to listen to but they look like they're so stoned they don't even know they're human, and damn that guy in the green cardigan had a hard job.

I prefer covers that don't sound like the original. Still good though.
It seems like cheating to use a song like this (another example: Somebody You Used To Know), but that was quite a good cover.

The drummer is pretty hot too, even with those dumb shorts.
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