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Emergency Bushfire Warnings remain in place for blazes burning out of control in five surrounding Perth districts.

At least 35 houses have been destroyed. Hundreds remain at risk. FESA are warning residents in the Roleystone area that it is too late to leave their homes, as they are now cut off, and are to 'prepare for the passage of fire'.

Severe Fire Danger is forecast for tonight and tomorrow. We are currently experiencing wind gusts of 60km/hr, tomorrow is expecting to be gale force winds over 80km/hr.

Many roads have been closed as 150 fire-fighters fight the blazes. Emergency call-ups of SES members from Geraldton, Northam, York and Narrogin have been mobilised and are now heading for Perth.


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I've been stuck at work all day, and it has been busy. Being a Major Incident Station, disasters such as these are often moved to the Police Communications Centre. Numerous bigwigs, police media and FESA controllers all moving back and forth.
Zooming in the cameras down the north side of the building, I could see the fires in the Red Hill area. Fires licking up huge eucalyptus trees, helitac bombing runs and smoke moving off to the coast (I can't show you photos of them coz I'd be sacked, and I like my job).
A few work mates live in houses in these areas. The fire in the Red Hill area is up the road from my house. I'm home now, place is engulfed in smoke. The mass of fires are both exhilarating and mind stopping at the same time. I feel I want to be there, but I'm glad/ashamed that I'm not.
Global warming has nothing to do with it. God is angry at gay people.

Apparantly a lot of them live in Brisbane.
They should make a giant waterslide from QLD to Perth capturing the flood water and putting out the fires.
Jiminy wrote:
What the fuck is with natural disasters this summer? Waiting for a fucking volcano to just spring up out of Ayers rock.

That would make
Ayers Rock
Northern Territory worth visiting..
Fork wrote:
They should make a giant waterslide from QLD to Perth capturing the flood water and putting out the fires.

That would be beyond epic. I wonder if it would ever get boring whilst travelling on such a long waterslide? I like to think no.
Some guy on the news said we have 20-40 years of extreme weather to come.

Although he's probably completely wrong, THAT WOULD STILL SUCK

Massive water slide would be awesome though
All fires now contained. 72 houses and 68 sheds destroyed, 35 houses damaged. No deaths which is good.
I can't beleive you bothered to subtract and post that number. Damaged implies it's repairable while destroyed implies it's fucked for good. That's why we have two different words.
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