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I wanted to start organising some rated Guild Bg's as some people have expressed interest in the matter.
The forums is basically the only way I can coordinate such a thing as wow doesn't allow you to categorize players into groups and adding each individual person would be futile, So basically respond to this thread if you are interested on attending a solid dedicated 10-15 man size rated Bg's. This isn't a quick "Get your points for the week then piss off" group it is a group that wants tog et some titles and rating. This will be on times generally in either raiding off days or far before raids.

The group Setup I was considering was...


6x DPS
3x Healers
1x Tank for flag carrying (Preferably with a healing or DPS offspec)


10x DPS
5x Healers

Post your interest bellow...
yeaaahhh keen as
Im also keen, am grinding up a pvp set now so should have decent resil soon. Heals obv.
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Keen on my druid. I can be the pro flag carrying person

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