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Cheating is one thing I despise. I've been on both ends and neither is good to be on. It's not something I'd do again, because the repercussions are horrible. I couldn't be friends with someone who'd cheated on me. I tried to stay in touch with one of my exes through good faith, but they changed so much it was just too strange.

I'm not one to continue friendships with people that will constantly use or take advantage of me, I won't just outright cut ties; I'd more give them chances to improve and then see them less and less to the point of not seeing them again.

Give this person a slap (or a beer) and talk about what he thinks he can possibly gain by having this friend stay in his life, with the fact of cheating just looming there.
I was baptized as a Catholic but sort of chose to be a non believer when I grew a little older. Well, you could say that the foundation was not that strong to begin with but it was sort of a personal preference for me because I never found any inclination toward fulfilling it. I totally respect those who are in it though, and I would not come and claim things that I am not even sure on my own.
This is pretty much exactly what i am ^

It does irk me sometimes though how christianity and especially Catholicism gets the shit ripped out of it all the time by just about everyone from comedians to politicians but the moment you even mention Islam or anything else for that matter, you're a white-hooded nigger beating racist.
Jiminy wrote:
This is pretty much exactly what i am ^

It does irk me sometimes though how christianity and especially Catholicism gets the shit ripped out of it all the time by just about everyone from comedians to politicians but the moment you even mention Islam or anything else for that matter, you're a white-hooded nigger beating racist.

Because Islam does not receive any criticism at all from western media.
Yeah they tend to riot in the streets, burn flags and generally behave like fucking lunatics when you start poking the islam bear with a stick.

Also that Zeitgeist clip is great....I was blown away by it when I first saw it, pretty much what I would point a die hard christian towards if they wanna argue convince God is real etc. Ofc they will come up with some bullshit why that video is bullshit so whatever, I'm happy if ppl just believe in what they want and leave me the fuck out of it.
retsgip wrote:
Give it a looksie. It explains all the connections between religion and astrology. And more...

That is a great video I watched the whole lot.

"The Christian religioin is a parody
on the worship of the sun, in which
they put a man callled Christ in the
place of the sun, and pay him the
adoration originally payed to the sun."

Great video but I think that it is harshly critical of religion, I believe religion provides hope for the majority of the people in the world. I don't think something has to be real if it motivates you to live your life in a good and generous way. I think nativity can be bliss but is that ethical? If religion was totaly debunked, is it right for people to continue to worship something that isn't true? Religion is suborn though and people love their faith. I have a aunt that has chosen her faith over her family, I may never speak to her again. She also has dealt with a lot of depression though and with out her faith she probably wouldn't have much to live for.

I guess I beleive it is ok to live a life of harmless ignorance if that is what allows you to get up in the morning, kind of like not wanting to know about the horrors that go on around in the world today and instead hide under my sheets and enjoy my warm and comfy bed.
Thats actually only a portion of a video called "Zeitgeist" theres actually 3 in the series - its tin foil hat heavy but very interesting.

I could care less what people believe in, its only when it becomes religious extremism and/or validates certain harmful behaviors that I have a problem with that shit.
I don't care either way. I think it's good to have faith and a lot of times it changes peoples lives for the better. I was more interested in the symbolism and connections that were mentioned.
Note: this is NOT a troll attempt...
I recommend you take the time to read my non-biased (I hope) perspective.

Listen to that song if it isn't already in your head. Now, you may love that song, you may hate it, you may be trying to find a reason to hate it, or you may be trying to find a reason to love it. For the people who love the song, you may have come to love it for a reason; a point in your life, an event (party) that you look back on with fond memories. You may have a song that was a catalyst for change in your way of thinking, or something.

You may not have considered it, but other people are a person as well, much like yourself, yes? Think about how much of a bitch life is for a sec. Go on! Yeah? Relating to other people a bit there now? Nice. Let's move along then.
The decision people make to put their faith in something is based off what they get out of it. And this is something that you CAN NOT simply decide or push someone into. The expectation that another person should believe in something and accept it because of what they got out of it is quite silly. Moreover, people should be encouraged to, like my analogy with the song, go to a youth group or church. Don't bloody watch a couple youtube vids or visit a forum discussion because that's not experiencing something... It's like how you won't laugh at half of Arj Barker's jokes on the Comedy Channel, and then you turd your pants with laughter when you see him live or how you'd be totally okay with passing out in the middle of a crowd of 10,000 people when you're seeing your favourite band live. Cause dey like 10m away ERR MA GERRD. You need to find a friend, get your ass to one of these shindigs of choice, and then listen to someone preach, see what happens that particular day, whether anything moved you, stop being biased for one second, and giggling to yourself over aetheist memes and have an open mind.

If you're 'doon it right', you're gonna leave with a better understanding of this religion thing. That each of those people are going through the same bitch of a life as you, and that at some point, this Christianity thing came up, and something about it changed them.
The existence of God, and the death and resurrection of Jesus may be put to a matter of 'faith', but the miracles from it are REAL, the way it has helped people for the better is as real as you and me, and that's what I like about the idea of Christianity. I am one of those myself... Now now, stop putting me in that box entitled "Christian Stereotypes", remember, relating... You'll probably find, that if you experienced some kind of help through something, or resolution, and a Christian friend had a hand in it, or something "happened" when you went to a church service, that it starts to all seem a lot more real to you.

Dunno. Just something to consider. It makes sense to me, might make sense to you guise :D
I thought they was a delay for new members to get into these topics.
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