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Enjoy going to hell non-believer.

Personally I'm just going to keep flying so I'm always one timezone before the rapture. When I get back to Sydney hopefully the cleansing fires haven't burned down all the supermarkets and xbox's.
I am going to go to Sydney, eat sushi, watch Thor and watch as the world does … sweet fuck all.
As a non-believer, I am already going to several different hells (I've actually been explicitly told as such by "The Saved" and "The Believers", thanks guys!).

Anyway, I hope stupid/fanatic evangelistic idiots do some stupid shit so we can all at least get a laugh out of this.
Ooooooooooh, I hope so too. One more reason to point and laugh.

p.s. Meet you at the bar in hell.
First round on me.
Still alive! But there is still time...
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