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Note from Shauna:

Have at it Ladies and Gentlemen.

Please keep the flames down to a minimum (ie: NONE), this thread will be monitored sternly by the E-Peen Abuse Team (me).

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This is not negotiable.

Exactly the reason I don't celebrate christmas.
Bain wrote:
I hate the idea of wasting money on a holiday that once had some religious meaning to some nutjobs. I would much prefer to spend my money on whoever I want, when I want.

Just for clarification, i believe it still has some religious meaning to a veritable shit tonne of people worldwide. Just because it doesn't for you, and you simply see it as some sort of gift exchange excercise, doesn't mean this is how everyone else sees it or that they are "nutjobs".
What did you clarify exactly? "i believe it still has some religious meaning to a veritable shit tonne of people worldwide" - Yeah nobody was challenging that or stated they have difficulty understanding the notion that people can't think for themselves.

Pretty sure what you're looking for is below.

1.a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
2.a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.

I believe you're a nutjob for worshiping an invisible friend. It's my opinion.
It's almost like a separate holiday now. Generally speaking the countries where it still holds serious religious significance to a majority of the population are not wealthy and wouldn't buy expensive shit to celebrate the occasion even if they could, and conversely the countries where most people couldn't give a toss about the religious aspects are wealthy places that treat it as a shopping extravaganza. I don't really buy many presents or want any in return, mostly because there's just not many things I want or need. It just ends up as clutter.
I honestly detest Christmas. I find christmas shopping to be overly stressful, too many people - too expensive and utterly unenjoyable. My family does it's very best to avoid it at all costs, we do Christmas lunch, we all throw a $40 present into a pool and number them, all draw a number - get random present. That's about as far as we go..

I am with you Ralphie, I buy for mum, dad and my brother - the $40 family one - that's it. I expect nothing from anyone else in return.
Then go to work over Christmas you whinging bunch of fukwits (just an opinion).

Hey i am cool let me tell you how cool I am because I dont believe in God and im a rebel so I will tell everyone on the internet that i think God isnt real but hey doesnt mean im lacking in something to believe in or that im scared to die ok.

Might as well go door knocking telling ppl not to believe? Basically same shit Jehovahs do, get off the bandwagon kids.
Hey I am cooler because I mock those that voice their opinion on a subject, you're all obviously wrong because I have more chest hair than a baboon.

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