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Children's books with Hekate

by hekate 2 favourites

Since there are a few of us with babies and little kids, I thought I'd start a thread on children's books.

Where's Spot?

It's dinner time and Spot is missing! His mum, Sally, goes looking for him. She seems pretty unconcerned about all the dangerous animals hiding around the house and probably ruining the joint.

Spoilers: there's a bear in there, a lion under the stairs (watch out, Harry) and a crocodile under the bed.

Any one of these could have eaten Spot (it is dinner time after all ...)

The hippo in the piano seems to defy the laws of physics (which I didn't study, so feel free to correct me here).

Kids will like: lifting/tearing the flaps, the 'tock' with resident snake, making monkey noises when opening the wardrobe, and death metal turtle*

You will need: glue to fix the flaps when they've been lifted with a little too much force or enthusiasm

*death ...
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Office Drone Hive 2015

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"Jiminy" wrote:So a nipple could be described as a frustum?

Well that would depend on how you define the base. A breast isn't a detached entity so I'm sure it could be argued it doesn't meet the requirements. Also you'd generally hope the breast wouldn't be conical unless we're talking 90s Madonna.
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