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Triple J Hottest 100 [2014]

by Docilus 50 Comments

The world's biggest music democracy is here!

What will you be voting for? What song do you think will come in at #1? Time to get cracking on your short list.
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Twelve 5v5 Caving Tourney Video

by Darkshaunz 7 favourites

Hope you guys enjoy.

Guest stars:

  • Ethnick[/*:m]
  • Celenas[/*:m]
  • Docilus[/*:m]
  • Hanlol[/*:m]
  • Fork[/*:m]
  • Spoon[/*:m]
  • Seylana[/*:m]
  • Wiing[/*:m]
  • Wastey[/*:m][/list:u]

    PS: This shit took way too long to edit.
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    Recent Guild Happenings

    by Darkshaunz 4 favourites

    Hi, I am glad you clicked on the latest reply button.

    I have a short story to share, and I'd like for a lot of people to read it. Since this is currently the most followed, viewed and refreshed thread - this is a golden opportunity for me to get maximum exposure.

    Viking in the Highlands

    A few years ago, Fork, Spoon and Ralphie visited me here in Malaysia. We ended up in a place called Genting Highlands, which is a Casino Resort that some crazy rich person built in the clouds, to make more money (as rich people do). The trip itself was very memorable, beginning with a terrifying ascent to the resort level using a rickety cable car system on a very poor weather day. It was terrifying because on the morning of our ascent, it was very foggy and the whole area was shrouded in this thick cloudy mist. It looked like the whole world was reloading itself into a Silent Hill level. Remarking to the other three guys, I worriedly exclaimed, "I really don't want to die on the way to Silent Hill". Spoon on the other hand, loved the everliving shit out of the dreadmist, saying, "This shit is awesome". Fork was quite sleepy at this juncture, and Ralphie had ...
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