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  1. Ahh a good ole' fashioned Twelve argument. They always progress the same way.

    - Someone says something in a "joking" manner, but any idiot can tell there's an element of truth to it.

    - Someone else gets offended and decides to rebuke the joke.

    - A tit for tat ensues between the two while the usual suspects decide who's side to jump on starting an imaginary but also very real tally of who is winning.

    - It's at this point that Shaunz or Fork will try to "calm the farm" so to speak... It never works.

    - Around the same time Shrewm, will aid which ever side has the potential to be the most offensive and either Kiral Fun or Clown, or all of them will start posting unrelated images and gifs to let everyone which side they support, if any.

    - Hunterbob will somehow manage to make a post that like an armistice at christmas in the trenches of WW1 france, will temporarily make everyone forget what they were even fighting about.

    - Shrewm, sensing the calm will quickly make another offensive post.

    - This will continue until one of the cutlery or shaunz lock the thread or until kiral fun or clown degrade the argument enough by filling the page with gifs.

    What Willy really said:
    Tight shirts are for fags and guys with good bodies. You don't have a good body so you must be a fag.

    Spoon, you're either offended by this because you are indeed gay or you're not feeling like the sexiest tomato lately. I'm guessing it's the latter. Not to worry, you can at least do something about it. Look at Rets, he's a midget, gay and sexy as fuck. Second only to the great Hunterbob himself.


    Check your hypocrisy at the door Han, that's exactly what you did to me some years back. You knew it was wrong and apologised. Willy, it's wrong... Apologise.
  2. "Darkshaunz"[quote="Spoon"]I went to the house of one of my employees last night where we drank three bottles of whiskey. The third bottle was definitely a mistake, I am currently fucked.

    2/3, I'd say that's a solid WIN.[/quote]
    Others would say it ain't bad.
  3. "Jiminy"The best way in is through the roof. Lift a few tiles, hop in and then down through the man hole. even on big apartment complexes, the weakness is always the roof/fire escape. You can also disconnect/disarm most basic security systems while you're in the roof as all the wires for them are laying up there along with the battery backup pack usually. If you do it during the middle of the day, people assume you're just working on the house even if the alarm goes off.

    Only morons go bursting through doors with guns, seriously. On that note though, almost anyone can kick your average door in or as neif said, use a brick or big rock from the garden to bash it down. The trick is to kick/bash the hinge side not the bolt side. That side is weak as piss. But really, you go in through the roof, at midday on a weekday, take a few bits of jewellery out the front door, back on the roof to put the tiles back and they won't even know they've been robbed. hit nice suburbs and you can make good money without a crime even being reported.

  4. E3 2014 - Brace for Next Gen Bullshit
    The special time of the year is upon us, a gaming news buffet wherein the ticks of the corporate games media come to feed and gorge themselves. Demos will be frozen, games will be overhyped and horrible looking head-clamp VR things will be showcased. The year 2014 is the year of the Next Gen, a catchphrase so toxic that it threatens to bring a variety of vague, nondescript experiences into your gaming lounge. Is it so much to ask that we just get good, enjoyable games without needless cocksucking innovation?

    Only time will tell. In the meantime, join us in our E3 Megathread to share your hopes and dreams for the video gaming industry!