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  1. "KirbyJDissent"
    Zedeh is a friend of Moss


    "KirbyJDissent" was both high and drunk last night

    Just drunk. Wife would kill me if I smoked weed at home.

    You know what else gets high? Aeroplanes.

    I can confirm that Hobz and Silverclaw are also things that get high.

    Zedeh is a worgen

    I'm actually a Night Elf.

    Zedeh also has 0 swag.


    Hitler was a leader
    Moss IS A LEADER
    Moss has two eyes

    2 + 2 = 4
    There are 3 sides to the illuminati triangle
    4 - 3 = 1
    There is 1 eye in the illumintai triangle

    Moss = illuminati confirmed.

    I see no fault in this arguement. It's science.

  2. E3 2014 - Brace for Next Gen Bullshit
    The special time of the year is upon us, a gaming news buffet wherein the ticks of the corporate games media come to feed and gorge themselves. Demos will be frozen, games will be overhyped and horrible looking head-clamp VR things will be showcased. The year 2014 is the year of the Next Gen, a catchphrase so toxic that it threatens to bring a variety of vague, nondescript experiences into your gaming lounge. Is it so much to ask that we just get good, enjoyable games without needless cocksucking innovation?

    Only time will tell. In the meantime, join us in our E3 Megathread to share your hopes and dreams for the video gaming industry!
  3. "Jiminy"Some of you may find this funny. I know I did.

    http://aca.ninemsn.com.au/article/88424 ... neighbours

    For my bucks party we hired a holiday house and did something similar to a Twelve meet except including all the hookers and blow that I always joke about. We went for a house because my mates can not be trusted in public in a group that large. We would have made the news.

    Well it turns out we did anyway. Page 17 of the telegraph and also a current affair the same night. They ran the stories a good month or more after the bucks. Found out while I was on the honeymoon via friends on FB.

    I'm the guy in the pink tutu and black shorts.

    My wife knows I went to a bucks party a few months ago. What she doesn't know is exactly what happened at that bucks party. It was SO awkward when we were watching TV one night and that story comes on. Thank goodness we were blurred out LOLOLOL

  4. "Jiminy"I was up at 2am last night with stomach cramps and then proceeded to read half a book on the shitter for a good hour while it worked it's way through before finally erupting in a glorius cascade of chocolate porridge that I reckon dropped my waistline by a fair few inches.

    Cherish these moments, I imagine they will soon be a distant memory