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The Uniting of Twelve!

by kiral 1 favourites

There are those among us who feel Twelve is heading in a downwards spiral, doomed to disband and leave all of us stranded without a guild.

To any who believe this, you are wrong. Out of the ashes we will rise, even without the cutlery which has become blunt, the human phallus which has sagged and the American guy who didn't know when to use three fingers or two.

Do not despair for I am here to stay. In the following days we will feel the lose of ones we once loved and ones we hated. Take this with a grain of salt, things can only get better from here.

The future I foresee for Twelve is a great one. Penance is a guild built on greed, selfishness and sadness. Twelve was build from friendship and close bonds which were once forged of steel. This can mean only great things for Twelve.

Twelve will become a superpower. We will succeed where Penance fails. In the end we will triumph over the evil.

Our decisions will be made as a whole, not as a selfish decision which leaves 90% of the guild stranded. Our decisions will benefit the guild, not destroy it. We will be patient, and think on things before making rash decisions which would later be regretted.

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