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E3 2015 - Get Hype, Maybe

by Darkshaunz 4 favourites


This thread could have just ended with the above two pictures, because that's all you need to know about E3. Robbed of any sort of glitzy showbags, freebies and booth babes, the show for the past few years has been a sterile marketing sell to the lapdogs of "games journalism". For most of us in employment, we will be at work or asleep for about 100% of the presentations. Let me ease your worries by saying that you won't miss anything, literally. Whatever vacuum there was to fill with surprise announcements or rancorous reveals opening to an applause of eager reporters - has been filled by leaks and announcements in recent days. More than a 'mum's the word' approach to exciting information, the pre-E3 machine more resembles a bullet-ridden corpse of a rusty hulk sinking painfully into the Atlantic. So you won't even have that to look forward to, because any major announcements have already been made beforehand. This leaves us with the hosts for each publisher having to contend with a crowd that has already been ...
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What are you currently playing?

by Konstantine 3 favourites

I bought GTAV for PC this weekend!

Never played any of the older titles, so this is a new experience for me. I was admittedly not too interested in the premise, since I don't like games where you can only be a dude, and don't like games set in the real world, and don't like games about cars or crime. But I eventually gave in because I do like games with a large open world, and this seems to fit the bill.

Haven't gotten far in the story yet (actually I'm kinda confused about what I'm doing). I just feel like I want to reform Franklin's life? He seems like a bright and ambitious young man. So far I've gotten him a respectable haircut and some nice clothes, and made sure that he obeys the road rules and doesn't listen to music about "poppin' caps." But I feel like his friend is a bad influence. I got him a respectable job operating a tow truck, and then his friend shows up with a dog and wants to kidnap people? I tried shooting the friend but it just says I've failed the mission.

Anyway I like this game, will play more tomorrow.
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